Garden Design Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur
Garden Design Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur
Garden Designer Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur

My garden is very small – is it worth having it professionally designed?

It is often the smallest gardens that benefit most from a design – creating a space that has the features that you want , without it looking cluttered and busy.

What if I don’t need my whole garden designed?

That’s fine – a design can ‘join up the dots’ between two areas and give the whole garden a cohesive feel

What if I don’t like something you suggest?

This is partly why I ask for as much initial information as possible – both in the questionnaire and in addition any images that convey an idea of the styles that you like. The initial design is certainly not is fixed in stone – often tweaking occurs at this stage, which is why I charge by the hour, so that we can discuss your response to my initial design and can adjust the plan where necessary.

Can you design a garden that can be built in stages over a few years?

Yes – it is far better to get the garden designed as a whole, even if it is going to take a few years to complete, other wise it can look ‘bitty’. Having the cohesion of a design for the whole garden means it will look much more unified. I can design it so that sections can be completed at different times, without it looking as though it is half finished.

Do we have to use landscapers you recommend, or can we do some or all of the work ourselves, or use landscapers we know?

I am happy to work with any of those options.

What do we need to do before your first visit?

First of all have a look at my Questionnaire, and Terms & Conditions – both can be found on the website. If you have any images of garden styles or particular plants, materials or features that attract you, it is very useful for me to see them, to get a feel for what you like.

What about maintenance? 

I can provide an after-care schedule to help you maintain the garden. I am also very happy to make 1-3 visits per year to advise you about plant care, or look at any areas of the garden that need more attention – gardens are living things and need regular revisiting to decide if any plants need replacing, or splitting as they grow, or moving to a different position .