Garden Design Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur
Garden Design Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur
Garden Designer Cambridgeshire Anna McArthur

Terms and Conditions

For a general idea of how I work, please review my terms and conditions. I will need a signed copy for my records prior to starting work. Download a copy here.

A Guide to the Design Process

  • First read my questionnaire. This will help you focus on what you want from your garden and will give me a clearer picture of your needs. Once you have looked at the questionnaire, contact me and we can arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.
  • If you would like an initial free visit this can be for me to discuss how I work, to look at your garden and discuss your answers to the questionnaire. You can tell me then, or contact me once you have made a decision, about whether if you would like me to design your garden, and if you do, the next stage is to arrange a second visit
  • Either during the second visit, or on the first visit if you would like to start straight away (see 1 of ‘Terms’ below) I will do a detailed survey of your garden & take photos. This process can take 2-3 hours or more, and I will usually need to return for more detailed measurements, dependent on the complexity of the garden. If the site is complex a surveyor may be needed – if this is the case I can arrange this for you. It is your responsibility to let me know of any services (such as drains or buried cables) that are situated in the garden. You should also make me aware if there are any trees with Preservation Orders, if you are in a conservation area, or your house is Listed
  • With the information gained from the survey, an initial plan will be drawn up taking into account all the things that we have discussed. We may then have one or more further consultations before a detailed concept plan is drawn up.
  • Once the concept plan has been finalised, if you have asked, I will draw up a detailed planting plan (with plant care information, if required), and this will be submitted to you for final approval. Alternatively, I can draw up a list of suggested plants for the different areas of your garden, and once agreed upon and purchased, can place them in the correct positions for landscapers to plant them. This is a popular option as it is more flexible, and a more economical way of creating a planting scheme.
  • If you would like, I can monitor the project and source plants and materials, working with landscapers that you know, landscapers that I have suggested and work with regularly, or with you, if you have decided to do the work yourself.

Terms & Conditions

  • An initial visit, to see your garden, answer any queries you may have, and to discuss your answers to my questionnaire, is free unless the mileage is more than 30 miles, when I will charge travel expenses. This visit is to discuss details of how I work, and what you would like for your garden, but not to discuss any specific design ideas for your garden. If you decide during the first visit that you would like me to design your garden, and it is convenient for me to start surveying your garden and/or discuss any initial ideas about design or planting, during this visit, my charges would start at that point.
  • Should you decide to retain my services my standard rates are as follows;
    • Design                                                             £60.00 per hour
    • Project monitoring and site visits during construction £60.00 per hour
    • Planting advice or garden consultation £75.00 per hour

As a rough guide, usually the cost for a medium sized garden for

    • a concept plan only is between                                       £750 – £1800
    • a full design, plant list & planting guide is between     £1200 – £2700

The above rates are a guide and rates vary depending on the size of the garden and the complexity of the design.  Travel time, and project monitoring will be charged at the hourly rate.

  • Should you retain me for project monitoring, it must be noted that you are responsible for the employment and payment of any landscapers, contractors etc, although I can suggest landscaper and can oversee the project if you would like – see 2(b)
  • In the event that you wish to terminate my services before the completion of a project you will need to notify me in writing as soon as possible. I will invoice you for the time taken to that point plus a £50.00 cancellation fee – settlement is expected within 7 days.
  • Unless otherwise negotiated and agreed in writing, payment is due 7 Days from the date of invoicing. Unless the project is small, I will invoice you at the end of each stage of the project for work done until that point.
  • Please note: all prices given for purchasing of plants, raw materials, work by contractors etc are estimates and not a fixed quote.
  • I can supply you with a plant list, for you to source you own plants, or I can supply them for you. If I supply the plants (usually from wholesale nurseries) there will be a small percentage charge to cover ordering, arrangement of deliveries etc.
  • Once plants or materials have been agreed to, ordered and delivered, the suppliers cannot change the items delivered except under exceptional circumstances. Once plants have been delivered to you, their care is your responsibility – and remember to keep watering them once they have been planted!  The nurseries do not provide a guarantee for plants or bulbs – and I therefore cannot take responsibility for their failure. You are responsible for maintaining the planting & turfing and replacement of any plants, turf or seed that fails after the end of the garden build.  Pests & diseases, adverse weather conditions and lack of care affect the success of your plants, and these I have no control over!
  • Work undertaken by any contractors, whether the project is monitored by me or not, is the responsibility of the contractor – I cannot be held liable for any damage to services or property caused by the contractors, or for delay in the work being started or finished.
  • I will usually invoice you for materials and plants, once I have received the bill from the supplier, although where necessary supplier invoices will be made directly to you. Honesty is important to me, and as such, I will not make invoices out to companies rather than a client personally (unless there is a valid reason for doing so) or be involved in any other practices that help someone evade tax, so please do not ask me to do so.
  • I will be allowed to display a sign stating that the garden is being designed by me. Please discuss this with me if for some reason this is not appropriate.
  • You give your consent for me to store personal data about you, such as your email, name and address and telephone number, in order to contact you, and to share it where necessary with relevant parties who need it to send you information (e.g. quotes for work) or deliver items relevant to the garden design (e.g. plants, or materials
  • Unless otherwise agreed, plans and images of your garden can be used in subsequent promotions (such as on or social media) to illustrate work done by Anna McArthur Garden Design, but will not include your name or address, or other details that would identify you, unless otherwise agreed.
  • If it is necessary for me to be away for one or more nights then arrangements will need to be made for accommodation – please phone to discuss this.
  • Office hours – Please do not call me on a Sunday (if you are not free to make contact at another time please only send e-mails on a Sunday). I am usually available between 9am & 6pm Monday – Friday, and often on Saturday mornings.  If it is not possible to call before 6pm, please do not call after 8pm.  During these times, if you do not get a reply on my landline, either leave a message, or you could try my mobile – although it is sometimes not possible to answer it, if I am on site or in a meeting.